School Kitchen Construction in Las Arrugas, Guatemala

Cost: $1,200.00 + flight cost
Departure City: Montreal
Departure Date: May 1, 2018
Return Date: May 15, 2018


Partnering Organization:



This project aims to improve the nutritional conditions of the 400 Maya Poqomchies students of the school in Las Arrugas. The school currently receives government aid for the purchase of food and this provides coverage for grades one through six. The objective of providing the school kitchen is to have a space to provide a balanced, varied and complete diet according to the physiological needs of the children.

Currently in Guatemala 22% of children repeat must repeat their primary education, mainly in the first grade. This leads to a vicious cycle where students are over age in primary school, or completely unable to complete their primary education. 8% of the students who repeat primary school in Las Arrugas due so because of issues stemming from poor diet and the conditions related to food preparation.

Good nutrition is vital for children to grow up healthy and strong. Good nutrition also has a positive impact on their ability to learn, think, reason, and communicate with others, and especially on their school performance.



  • Volunteers will stay in a community centre with electricity and latrines. The community centre is a 5 minute walk away from the worksite.
  • Meals will consist of rice, beans, tortillas, fruit/vegetables, and some meat.
  • SOS groups generally work for about 6 hours a day, for 8 days of the 14 day trip.
  • Tasks will include but are not limited to: digging trenches, cutting and tying rebar, laying bricks, moving supplies, and mixing cement.
  • Every group is overseen by a foreman during construction days and any work requiring technical training will be financed by SOS


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